Resources for Blended and Online Learning


The Online Classroom newsletter is accessible from on or off campus and a PDF format is also available online for printing. All that you need to access the Online Classroom newsletter is an account and UST's authorization code. Send an email to the Center for Faculty Development at and we will send you instructions on how to access Online Classroom.

St. Thomas' subscription to Online Classroom includes access to the current issue as well as access to the full archive of back issues. Recent articles include:
  • Online Learning 2.0: The Benefits of Live Video for Communicating with Your Students (October 2013)
  • Online Learning 2.0: Flipped, Spun, and Turned Inside Out: The Fully Flipped Classroom (September 2013)
  • Bloom's Taxonomy Meets Technology: An Instructional Planning Tool (October 2011)
  • Discussion Board Assignments: Alternatives to the Question-and-Answer Format (September 2012)
  • Course Page Design Tips (June 2012)
  • Recommendations for Blended Course Design (October 2011)
  • A Mini-Guide to Detecting and Thwarting Plagiarism (January 2011)
  • Tips from the Pros: Reducing Instructor Workload in Discussion Forums (July 2011)
  • Designing Collaborative Learning Experiences That Prepare Students to Work in Virtual Teams (June 2011)
  • Making Online PowerPoint Content Engaging: Interactivity and Instruction (June 2011)

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