Faculty Feedback on iPads and Mobility in the Classroom Initiative


‌Information Resources & Technologies (IRT) and Faculty Development announce an iPads and Mobility in the Classroom initiative for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. This is an exploratory project to discover the ways in which faculty use iPads in their teaching and to evaluate how iPads can be used in meaningful ways in the classroom to support student engagement and learning.

Prior to issuing a call for proposals, we wish to solicit feedback from faculty to gauge interest and identify key support issues. Look for an email from Faculty Development in the near future with details on how to provide feedback on the initiative.  We anticipate issuing the call for proposals for the iPads and Mobility in the Classroom initiative later this spring. In the interim check out some of the links below for ideas on iPads in higher education. 

iPad Resources

Collection of all EDUCAUSE resources related to tablets and iPads in the classroom. Many colleges and universities have begun experimenting with tablet computers and iPad classroom integration initiatives that vary from campus-wide distributions to small-scale, single-class pilots. These programs are designed to provide evidence of improved student learning and engagement. Explore this resource site—http://www.educause.edu/library/tablets-and-ipads

Dr. Candace Chou (CELC at St. Thomas) led a seminar at the 2012 Educause annual conference on mobile technologies. Her presentation Strategies to Engage Learners Through Interactive Learning Ac3tites with iPad highlights instructional design strategies and iPad apps for engaging learners.  http://www.educause.edu/sites/default/files/library/presentations/E12/SEM01A/EducausePresentation.pdf

Indiana University: iPad project includes abstracts from faculty projects and results on how iPad impacts student engagement in the classroom, the lab, or in the field; small group collaboration; and access to and manipulation of digital content. https://resources.oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/group/1097251561621-1228/iPadWhitePaper/FINAL_ELIBrief_iPad_FLC.pdf

Results of Pepperdine's iPad project (what works and what doesn't). http://community.pepperdine.edu/it/tools/ipad/research/results.htm
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Colleges Take Varied Approaches to iPad Experiments, With Mixed Results. http://chronicle.com/blogs/wiredcampus/colleges-take-varied-approaches-to-ipad-experiments-with-mixed-results/33749
7 Things you should know about… iPad apps for learning. http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7069.pdf
ScoopIt page on iPads in education: http://www.scoop.it/t/it-and-education
“The Future of Mobile Learning” (Research Bulletin). Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research, May 1, 2012, available from http://www.educause.edu/ecar (direct link to article: http://www-cdn.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ERB1204.pdf

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