Starting to Get Published: Writing Articles and Chapters in Edited Collections


Faculty new to academic publishing usually have a number of questions about how to write for publication in academic journals and edited collections – how do I approach journals about publishing? How can my dissertation be turned into a number of articles or book chapters? When do you decide to respond to reviewers' suggestions to rewrite and resubmit an article or chapter that has been rejected? How do solo-authored articles or chapters count as compared to co-authored pieces? Can you use a conference paper already published as the basis for an article or chapter? Do you have to wait to hear from one journal before submitting the same article to another?

This workshop will consider these and other questions that participants bring to the workshop. The workshop leader, Stephen Brookfield, has published over 150 articles and chapters in refereed journals and edited collections, and is currently on the editorial boards of seven journals in the USA, Italy, Britain, Sweden and Australia.

Monday, November 15
2:30-3:30 pm
MOH 323 (MPLS)
Deadline to register: Nov. 8

Tuesday, November 16
3:30-4:30 pm
MHC 155 (St. Paul)
Deadline to register: Nov. 9

To register, send an email to Pat Alexander at by one week before the workshop date.

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