Writers' Retreat


The next Writers' Retreats are June 2-6 and August 4-8, 2014.

These week-long on-campus retreats are held in the Center for Writing on the St. Paul campus (JRC 361) three times a year in January, June, and August. From adjunct faculty to seasoned tenured colleagues, the writing retreats have been essential.

  • Adjuncts make great headway on finishing their dissertations or launching publications from their dissertations;
  • New faculty sustain maintain their momentum on their scholarly projects from their graduate or post-doctoral work;
  • Pre-tenure faculty immerse themselves in and make strong headway on their publications for tenure;
  • Tenured faculty value the time to focus intently on starting or completing an article or book.

Many participants are “regulars”: they incorporate the retreats as a predictable time of the year when they can concentrate without interruption on their scholarly work for 5 days straight. They know they can have time to write and to reflect on and plan their future scholarly work.

There are no formal workshops during the week. Yet if you need to talk about your work in progress, you’ll have junctures during our informal lunches or in conference with the director of the Center for Writing. 

Come and make progress on your projects and forge relationships with colleagues from across campus. Questions? Feel free to contact Dr. Susan Callaway, director of the Center for Writing, at sjcallaway@sthomas.edu or x5602.

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