Try a Teaching Tune-Up


You don’t have to be in a panic about what’s going on in your class to benefit from a consultation with one of our trained faculty consultants. Faculty Development offers a range of services (classroom observation, reviewing your syllabus, a more intensive structured observation that includes gaining feedback from students), and everyone can benefit from a little peer feedback.

Classroom consultation services are free, confidential and not intended to be part of your formal teaching evaluation process. They are meant to be only for your professional development. Meeting with a consultant is an opportunity to find out what you’re doing WELL and also a way to get an objective view on your classroom that could lead to real enhancements for you and your students. You can decide what kind of feedback you want in collaboration with your faculty consultant.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact Faculty Development Director Ann Johnson at 962-6021 or Make your tune-up appointment now, before the weather turns cold!

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