The New Faculty Writers Program


We are pleased to announce the Faculty Writers Program, a collaboration between Faculty Development and the Center for Writing through which faculty and staff will find ongoing support as they write. We’ll provide:

  • On-campus retreats. We’ll be providing three writing retreats each year—one in J-term and two in summer—to help you maintain your productivity. For five days, you’ll focus on a writing project so that you can make substantial headway on it (if not complete it) in the supportive environment among colleagues and the distraction-free environment of the Center for Writing.
  • Individual conferences during the year. Beyond the retreats (or perhaps as a result of them), Dr. Susan Callaway can provide online and face-to-face conferences with you as you write during the year. These conversations can help you with issues such as seeing your writing from a reader’s perspective, writing introductions or conclusions, or revising based on editors’ comments.
  • Workshops. Stephen Brookfield will continue his workshops such as “Developing Book Proposals for Scholarly Publishers” and “Writing and Submitting Articles to Journals.”

We want to emphasize that all faculty and staff are welcome to the support of the Faculty Writers Program—from faculty new to UST to our seasoned colleagues, as well as adjunct faculty and staff. Those who have yet to finish their dissertations or who are writing scholarly articles in preparation for tenure will be especially interested in the support our program can provide.

You’ll receive announcements and registration information for the retreats and the workshops from Faculty Development. To arrange for an individual conference or online support just email Susan Callaway at

Who are we?

  • Dr. Susan Callaway is the Director of the Center for Writing and Associate Professor of English and has been at UST since 1996.
  • Dr. Stephen Brookfield is Distinguished University Professor in the School of Education and has been at UST since 1992.

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