Female Faculty Retreat and Workshop - July


Save the Date: Second Retreat for Female Faculty

Co-sponsored by Faculty Development and the Luann Dummer Center for Women

July 15-16

Last summer, 20 female faculty gathered for a retreat centered on the book Challenges of the Faculty Career for Women: Success and Sacrifice by M. I. Philipsen. Evaluations for the day indicated a desire to have similar opportunities in the future. Most of the women at the retreat talked about the difficulty of maintaining a balance between work and personal or family life.

Faculty Development and the Luann Dummer Center for Women is pleased to announce that we will host a second retreat for female faculty this summer. We have arranged for participants to attend two workshops on life-work balance run by Dr. Susan Robinson, followed by an afternoon session for our own conversations and networking.

Attendees will commit to attending the general session on peak performance and work-life balance on Thursday, July 15 from 1-4 PM (open to all faculty). On Friday, July 16 they will return for a workshop for the small group titled “Strategic Career Planning for Women Faculty” from 9 a.m.-12 Noon (open only to retreat participants). Dr. Robison describes the workshop:

Women are earning more than 50% undergraduate degrees and in most fields 50% of post-graduate degrees. Yet there are still not a comparable proportion of women in executive and higher professional positions. This practical interactive workshop will explore the strategic career skills that women in higher education need to achieve “Great Work” and a “Great Life.”

Robison’s session will be followed by lunch and group discussion led by Dr. Corrine Carvalho from Noon-4 p.m.

Because of generous gifts from the Office of the President, the Affirmative Action Committee, the Academic Affairs Office and the Office of Institutional Diversity, we are able to offer each participant $150.00 for completion of the two-day retreat.

Please save the date for this exciting opportunity. Registration information will be announced in the Bulletin after Spring Break. The retreat will be limited to the first 20 people and is open to both people who attended last year as well as first time participants.

Peak Performance Practices of Highly Effective and Happy Faculty:
Finding the Balance in your Professional and Personal Pursuits

Workshop co-sponsored by Faculty Development and the Luann Dummer Center for Women

Open to all Faculty

July 15

Look for Bulletin announcements for registration information

As hardworking professionals, faculty sometimes have difficulty turning down requests, not all of which are worthy of their time and energy. As career and family life place increasing demands on faculty time, it becomes necessary to develop practices that make both a productive work life and a satisfying personal life possible. This practical, interactive workshop based on studies on faculty productivity, peak performance, work-life balance, sports psychology, and work satisfaction will distill the work habits and practices of the most successful and engaged academics.

The following practical skills will be presented and practiced:

  • Why work is always gendered and what to do to make peace with that reality;
  • How do use long-, short-, and mid-range strategic planning skills;
  • Mastering the four most important communication skills necessary to build mutually supportive relationships and to make transitions to leadership positions smoothly and easily;
    • Deep listening;
    • Asking powerful questions;
    • Saying strong “yeses” to commitments that fit your strategic plans and skillfully saying strong “no’s” to those that don’t fit;
    • Special networking strategies that women and minorities need to advance their careers.
  • Discernment skills on how to distinguish opportunities for Great Work from those that get you stuck in Good Work or, worse yet, Bad Work.
  • Work-life balance and organizational skills applied to work and home.

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