Blended Course Grant Awards


On behalf of the Office of Academic Affairs we are pleased to announce the recipients of the Blended Course Grant initiative. As announced by Sue Huber in February, the grant provides a stipend and structured support for full-time faculty interested in converting a current course to a blended format. In addition to the course stipend, the grant provided an optional assessment stipend for recipients who build in a research component on assessment of student learning outcomes. Congratulations to the awardees for AY 2013-14!



Kendra Garrett (Social Work)

GRSW 580: Social Work Research Methods

Kurt Illig & Jadin Jackson (CAS/Biology)

BIOL 354: Neurobiology

Sue Myers (CAS/Theology)

THEO 210: New Testament

Jerry Organ (Law)

LAWS 904: Client Interviewing and Counseling

Lynn Stansberry-Brusnahan,  Shelley Neilsen Gatti & Hasan Zaghlawan (CELC/Special Education)

SPED 750/SPUG 450: Survey of Exceptionality 
SPED 785/SPUG 485: Behavior Management
SPED 716/SPUG 416: Fundamentals of Mild to Moderate Disabilities


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