2010 Summer Seminars


Faculty Development Summer Seminar: Teaching and Reaching Millennial Students

Date TBA

Look for registration announcements in your email.

Stewardship of the Commons: Reclaiming the “We”

A summer seminar facilitated by HECUA
(the Higher Education Consortium of Urban Affairs).
Sponsored by the Center for Intercultural Learning and Community Engagement (CILCE), Service-Learning, and Faculty Development

June 7-10, 2010

This seminar will help faculty and staff think about how to use best practices in experiential education to help students define, assess, and act on "the commons" that Minnesotans, United States residents, and humans share together.

The workshop will explore three themes: the changing climate of our shared planet, the complexity of ensuring health care for all, and the challenge of maintaining a civil and effective public discourse in an age of fragmented media and news. Finally, the workshop will explore as a case study, the possibilities and challenges raised by the Light Rail Transit construction through the Central Corridor of Saint Paul. As part of the workshop, we will visit organizations in the Twin Cities who are addressing these topics.
To register, contact Barb Baker at bebaker@stthomas.edu or 962-5380.

Must Knowledge Be Secular? Ideological Assumptions and Institutionalization of the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities

Sponsored by the Center for Catholic Studies

Jun 7-11, 9 a.m.-Noon

Led by Professor Brad S. Gregory, History Department at the University of Notre Dame.

Participants will be expected to do a modest amount of reading for the seminar and will receive a stipend of $500 for participation. For a more detailed description and information about how to register for the seminar, see the seminar web-site , http://courseweb.stthomas.edu/kwkemp/csfss/cssks.html or contact Professor Kenneth Kemp (KWKemp@StThomas.edu or 651-227-6060). The seminar will be limited to twenty participants. Interested faculty should apply by March 15 if possible, though late applications will be accepted if space is available.

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