2013-14 Research Grant Awards


Research grants for scholarship support the scholarly work of all full-time, returning faculty as they advance their professional careers. Grants are awarded annually, and the deadline for applications is February 1. More information about research grants can be found here. Seventeen received research grants for 2013-14.

Research Grant Awardees for 2013-14           
William Brendel Organizational Learning & Development Advanced 9-day Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Practicum
Corrine Carvalho Theology Reading Jeremiah: A Literary and Theological Commentary
Candace Chou  Organizational Learning & Development Engaging 21st Century Learners with Technology Enrichments for F2F, Blended, and Virtual Classes
Amy DeCelles Mathematics Designing Poincaré series for Number Theoretic Applications
Jolynn Gardner Health & Human Performance Lifelong Stress Management (college textbook)
John Holst Leadership, Policy & Administration Globalization and the Adult Education of Social Change Organizations in Chile
Emily James English The Word Made Flesh: Modernist Composition and the Fallible Body
Shersten Johnson Music Understanding is Seeing: Music Analysis and Blindness
William Junker Catholic Studies The Future in the Instant: The Christian Apocalypse in Shakespeare's Tragedies
Patti Kameya History The Strange and the Virtuous: Eccentrics of Our Times as a Moral Text
Mark McInroy Theology Martin Luther on Deification: New Resources for Ecumenical Dialogue
Zsolt Nagy History Grand Delusions: Interwar Hungarian Cultural Diplomacy, 1918-1941 (Book Project)
Paul Niskanen Theology Commentary on Trito-Isaiah
Sarah Noonan Leadership, Policy & Administration Engaging 21st Century Learners with Technology Enrichments for F2F, Blended, and Virtual Classes
Jason Pattit Management An empirical investigation of the use of contractual provisions to defend against resource appropriation in R&D alliances
David Roseborough Social Work  Expanding Access to Intervention Research: Assisting Community Mental Health Centers in Empirically Evaluating their Services
Britain Scott     Psychology Text Revision: The Psychology of Environmental Problems

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