2012 - 2013 Sabbatical Awards

Faculty Department Title
Corrine Carvalho Theology Feminist Commentary on the Book Ezekiel
David Clemenson Philosophy Toward a neo-Aristotelian Theory of Truth
Kathryn Combs Finance The Responsiveness of the Casino Tax Base to the Casino Tax Rate
Laura Dunham Entrepreneurship The Nature & Role of Wisdom Within the Effectuating Processes of Entrepreneurs
Jean Giebenhain Psychology Planning for Survivorship: Coping, Resilience, and Medical Strategies for Musicians with Breast Cancer
Adam Green Physics Reflections of Polarized Ultraviolent Light from Butterfly Wings
Tom Ippoliti Chemistry Developing a New, More Sensitive Diagnostic system to Detect Troponin
Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale Finance Commodity Market: Where is the Beef
David Kelley Geography The Impacts of Increased Biofuel Production on Minnesota’s Land and Water Resources
Juli Kroll M&CL Critical Examination of Cuban Cinema from the 1960’s to the 21st Century With a Focus on Exile Experience
Gary Mabbott Chemistry Microscopic Quantitative Chemical Analysis
Mary Maloney Management The Salience of Difference: Investigating Conditions Under Which People Notice Similarity & Difference Among Their Team Members
Thomas Marsh Chemistry Using Technology to Examine DNA Structures
John Mcvea Entrepreneurship Social Entrepreneurship: Multiple Goals, Conflict Resolution and Value Creation
Greg Mowry Engineering Alternative Energy Power Systems & Electronics
Joan Piorkowski English Erhart Kastner & Anna Seghers: Two Perspectives On the Writer’s Role in the Traumatized and Post-Traumatized State
Roxanne Prichard Psychology Effective Interventions for Improving College Student Sleep
Eric Rawdon Math Theory & Simulations of Knotting in Physical and Biological Systems Ranging From Proteins To Glueballs
Heather Shirey Art History Pierre Verger, Carybe & the Creation of Candomble’s Iconic Imagery in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
Jonathan Stoltz Philosophy Cognition & Its Objects: Externalism in Tibetan Philosophy of Mind
Dale Thompson Ethics & Bus. Law An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Recent Automobile Safety Equipment Innovations, and of the Necessity for Regulatory Mandates
Jessica Toft Social Work Archival History of a Settlement House
Kris Wammer Chemistry Antibiotics in Natural Waters & Wastewater Treatment Plants


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