2011-12 Research Grant Recipients

Mufaddal Baxamusa Finance What Makes U.S. Banks Susceptible to Systemic Crises?
Seehwa Cho Education Core Concepts of Critical Pedagogy: Making Sense of Theories in Context
Eric Fort Chemistry Developing the Synthesis of Tunable Trefoil Ligand Scaffolds
Dina Gavrilos COJO Children, Success & Global Competitiveness: The Cultural Paradox of Foreign Languages as Cultural Capital in the U.S.
Paul Gavriluk Theology Georges Florovsky & the Ways of Eastern Orthodox Theology in the West
Charles Mel Gray Finance New Institutional Economics & the Lively Arts: Exploratory Case Analysis
Xiaowen Guan COJO Analyzing datasets & completing three research manuscripts
Kenneth Kemp Philosophy Evolution & Creation
Matthew Kim Economics Public Health Insurance & Labor Mobility: Evidence from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
Elizabeth Kindall Art History The Paintings & Travel Diaries of Huang Xiangjian (1609-1673): Geo-Narratives of South and Southwest China
William Kinney Sociology/Crim. Justice Technology, Popular Culture, & Generation Y
Clinton Lanier Marketing Consumer Fantasy: Understanding the Constructed Nature of Reality & Implications for Consumption
Amy Levad Theology I Was in Prison & You Visited Me: A Sacramental Approach to Rehabilitative & Restorative Criminal Justice
Avinash Malshe Marketing Organizational Transformation From Being Sales-Driven to Marketing-Driven: What it Entails & What are the Implications?
Susan Marsnik Ethics & Business Law United States & European Patent Convergence & Divergence: Business Methods & Software
Susan Myers Theology Portraits of Jesus: Essays in Christology
Aaron Sackett Marketing Completing Manuscripts for Journal Submission
Gerald Schlabach Theology Toward a Catholic Peace Church
Amy Verhoeven Biology The Functional Significance of State Transitions in Plants
Martin Warren English Constructing the Subject: A Politics of Memory in the Mind, the Psyche, the Soul
Kim Vrudney Theology Beauty’s Substance: A Political Theological Aesthetics for the Promotion of Hope, Health, & Human Rights


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