2010 Internal Faculty Development Grants Awarded


Awarded Research Grants for 2010-11

Lisa Abendroth Marketing The Impact of Disclosure in Manufactured Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Betsy Anderson COJO The Effect of Social Media Participation on Message Interpretation
Mike Axtell Mathematics Cut-sets in Commutative Rings with Zero-Divisors
Christine Bennett Marketing Examining the Impact of Board Embeddedness on Nonprofit Fundraising and Governance
Heather Bouwman English Writing Two Novels
Alexis Easley English The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Werewolf Fiction
Massimo Faggioli Theology What Are They Saying About Vatican II?
Gloria Frost Philosophy Thomas Bradwardine on God and Necessary Truths
Carmelo Guarritano English Documenting Africa
Dobrina Georgieva Finance Financial Turmoil & Determinants of Optimal Corporate Control in Mergers and Acquisitions
W. Matthews Grant Philosophy Divine Causality and Human Freedom
Kevin Henderson Management The Impact of Psychological Contract Breach on Self-Identity Threat
Thad Jithendranathan Finance Long Term Co-Movement of Equity Markets & Structural Breaks in Correlations
Meg Karraker Sociology Social Networks & Civil Society: Communities Engaging Migration
Elizabeth Kindall Art History Recreating the Experience of a 17th Century Journey to Mount Jizu
Juan Li English Globalization & the Chinese National Identity
Anant Mishra Decision Sciences A Field Study of Subgroup Conflict in Distributed Project Organizations
Timothy Pawl Philosophy Philosophy for Understanding the Church Councils
Tisha Rajendra Theology The Rights of the Stranger: Justice, Responsibility & the Ethics of Migration
Sheneeta White Decision Sciences The Bullwhip Effect of SOX Implementation
Michael Winter Philosophy Rethinking Virtue Ethics
Uta Wolfe Psychology Cross-Modal Integration & Its Neural Bases
Wen Yu Accounting Market Feedback & Classification of Market Timing SEOs

Awarded Teaching Enhancement Grant for 2010-11

Mike Klein Justice & Peace Studies Wiki-based Pedagogy in Peace Studies

Awarded University Scholars Grant 2010-2013

Amy Kritzer English Studies in Theater and Politics


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