External Funding Opportunities for Humanists


By: David Steele, Ph.D.
Director, Grants and Research Office 

Looking across the state and federal agencies that provide discretionary research grants, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is a very popular source of external support for research among our humanists. For UST researchers, the NEH “Summer Stipends Program” has been useful for funding intensive research over a two-month period in the summer. Recipients of these grants (due September 30 each year) receive a stipend of $6,000 to “clear the decks” to work on a project in the humanities. For faculty who are looking for longer-term support for a sabbatical, NEH offers grants through its “Fellowships Program.” Winners of these prestigious grants receive a monthly stipend of $4,200 for a period of six to twelve months of full-time research on a project of their choice. Proposals for an NEH Fellowship are due on May 1 each year.

UST faculty - who enjoy a success rate when applying to federal agencies that is significantly higher than the national average – have been quite effective at getting grants from both of these important programs. Please email David Steele at the Grants and Research Office if you would like to discuss these opportunities.

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