Sudden Opportunity Grant

These awards are intended to help faculty take advantage of impending, concrete opportunities which fall outside of the normal grant application cycle (i.e., were in no way able to be anticipated) and have the potential to advance work already in progress. This work can involve scholarly work or pedagogy development, in the spirit of a Research Grant (RG) or a Teaching Enhancement Grant (TEG).

A Sudden Opportunity Grant can be used for expenses including travel if such travel is essential to the project. They may also be used to defray costs for travel related to a special invitation to speak at a one-time seminar or symposium in the area of the faculty's expertise or scholarship.

Awards cannot be used for tuition expenses toward a degree, nor as stipends for released time from teaching. SOGs are NOT intended for expenses to attend or present at regularly scheduled disciplinary conferences. SOGs may NOT be used to cover the cost of publication of completed works, such as page charges to journals or professional societies, indexing services for a book, or subventions required by the publisher for cost sharing in publication. Funding for these expenses should be sought from the Dean, from Academic Affairs through the Dean, or from the Faculty Grants Office.

All full-time, continuing faculty at the university are eligible to apply. Applicants are expected to demonstrate that they have also applied to other sources for funding since these grants are intended primarily as supplements to funding from other sources for unexpected opportunities.

Awards: The maximum award is $1,200.

Application process: Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Faculty Development staff as soon as possible upon learning of the "sudden opportunity", to discuss their projects prior to submitting an application.

Proposals should be submitted at least 3 weeks before funds are needed in order to give the Faculty Development Committee time to read and review the proposal. Unless there are exceptional circumstances for the request, the committee does not fund proposals for opportunities that have already taken place or will take place within one week of proposal submission.

There is no deadline for the Sudden Opportunity Grants. Applications submitted during the academic year will be reviewed within two to three weeks; those during the summer will be reviewed as quickly as possible if the opportunity is impending. Send the completed application as an email attachment in Word or PDF format to the Faculty Development Center (

Final Report Deadline: Final Report is due October 1 of the year following completion of the project.

Selection Criteria: Proposals should be written in a way that minimizes disciplinary jargon as much as possible (if necessary to include, provide definitions) and is understandable for a non-technical reviewer. They will be judged according to the same criteria as applications for RG or TEG. In addition, it is expected that an applicant for a Sudden Opportunity Grant will demonstrate that significant progress has already been made on the project. Most importantly, the applicant should explain in the proposal why the opportunity is sudden and could not have been anticipated within the normal schedule of grant applications.


We are sorry to note that, due to budget constraints, we are unable to fund Sudden Opportunity Grants for the remainder of the 2014-15 academic year.

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