Partnership-In-Learning Grant

This program is meant to complement the Young Scholars and Collaborative Inquiry opportunities offered at St. Thomas. Specifically, while those grants promote student-focused research projects, the Partnership-in-Learning grant is intended to allow a faculty member to make progress on his/her scholarly or pedagogical agenda while providing a meaningful educational opportunity for the student partner. Your application should describe clearly how the partnership will further your scholarly or teaching-related goals. Educational benefit to the student, although important, is a secondary purpose of the PIL grant. Professional benefit to the faculty member is the primary goal for this grant. PIL grants are not intended to support student-originated projects; applicants should seek funding for these projects through the Collaborative Inquiry or Young Scholars programs. Applicants with projects requiring only technical assistance for menial or labor-intensive tasks should seek support from their departments for work-study funds.

The intent of the program is to free faculty members from routine and time-consuming tasks related to the project, but the role of the student partner should have a clear educational component. Partnerships-In-Learning collaborations should involve the faculty and student partners in close and frequent interaction. Student partners should be encouraged to work independently, and they should also be supervised, encouraged and evaluated at regular intervals. Applicants must demonstrate that the student will learn something new and meaningful that supports his/her academic growth. Faculty members may select partners from among students whom they have had in class and whose capabilities they already know, or through recruitment from advertisement of the position.  All continuing full-time faculty are eligible to apply.

This program awards stipends to experienced, well-qualified students for work with faculty on either teaching or research projects. e.g., as research assistants, lab assistants, or discussion leaders. Applicants can apply for single-semester projects or projects that span two consecutive semesters.

Preference will be given to faculty who have not received a PIL grant. Requests for ongoing support for the same project previously supported by PIL grants are not encouraged.

Application Deadlines: September 15 for Fall and J-Terms; February 15 for Spring Term; April 15 for Summer Term (funds available after July 1) or following academic year.

Final Report Deadline: Final Report is due October 1 of the year following completion of the project.

Award: Student stipend: $1000 for semester, $2000 for two semesters; consult the HR website student employment to determine the appropriate hourly rate for undergraduates. Graduate student compensation can be negotiated. An additional $300 may be available for expenses related directly to the project work.

Application Process: Partnership projects can last one semester to one academic year in length, including summer. Faculty may apply for expenses to cover travel to professional meetings at which the student will be actively involved, as well as miscellaneous project costs. Submit the completed application to the Faculty Development Center ( by 4 p.m. of the appropriate due date.