Faculty Partnership Grant

Faculty Partnerships are intended specifically to help faculty increase their knowledge of areas outside their own disciplines, or outside their specialty within a discipline. The intent is to encourage individual exploration by faculty in ways that will have a significant impact on their personal professional development in teaching or research.

Partnerships can be used for exploratory or general preparation in a field, for mastering a particular body of knowledge or particular tools of the discipline, or for implementing new pedagogy. Efforts to revise courses by incorporating interdisciplinary, multicultural, or international perspectives are especially encouraged. Partnerships are NOT intended to fund program or course development, or to fund preparation to teach a team-taught course. A Partnership will usually range from five meetings of two or more hours, to ten meetings of shorter duration. Those being tutored are expected to spend 30-40 hours on the Partnership project; those tutoring, somewhat less.

Eligibility: All continuing full-time faculty are elgibile for these partnerships as are a combination of adjunct faculty and full-time faculty. Adjunct faculty must be currently teaching at St. Thomas and have at least three consecutive years of teaching at the University at the time of application.

Application Deadlines: Sept. 15 for Fall & J-Terms; Feb. 15 for Spring Term; and April 15 for Summer (after July 1).

Final Report Deadlines: At the end of the project, each partner must submit a brief final report. Those being tutored are also required to complete a piece of written work, such as a critical or bibliographic essay, a description of a new pedagogy, or a revised syllabus. In addition, Partners will be expected to share their experience of the Partnership with a wider audience (through materials for those teaching related courses, an article for Synergia, a departmental presentation, etc.). Final Report for Fall, January, and Spring term is due June 1. Final report for Summer term is due October 1.

Award: The award for a Faculty Partnership is a $1000 stipend for each partner and up to $300 for books or related expenses for the entire partnership. Teams of more than two people may apply for partnerships, but each partner must demonstrate in their application how the collaboration impacts their personal professional development. Priority will be given to those who have not previously participated in Partnerships. Prior recipients must show that a request for a new partnership involves work and topics distinct from previous partnerships supported by this grant. Faculty are eligible for just one partnership per grant period, i.e., fall-J-term, spring, and summer, but may apply for more than one partnership in any academic year.

Application Process: Application forms must be filled out by all partners and submitted by 4 p.m. on the date of the deadline. Send the completed application to the Faculty Development Center (facdevctr@stthomas.edu).

Selection Criteria: Proposals will be judged on the basis of:

  • Evidence for impact on the individual professional development of the tutored, particularly of an interdisciplinary, multicultural, or international nature.
  • Adequacy of the work plan, timetable, bibliography, and clarity of the proposal.
  • Plans for sharing the results with others, as appropriate.
  • Appropriateness of the background of the proposed tutor.