Adjunct Professional Development Grant

This program supports Adjunct faculty who would like to participate in a conference or workshop, or receive funding to improve their teaching. All proposed travel or teaching enhancement projects must be reviewed by the applicant’s department chair (or the dean for areas that have no chair).

Funding is available for travel related to professional development (travel to a local, regional, or national conference to present research or complete an intensive teaching workshop) or to carry out a teaching enhancement project. Maximum award for travel is $1200 and maximum award for a teaching enhancement grant is $1000.


  1. Adjunct faculty who have a commitment to teach during the academic year of funding are eligible to apply; AND
  2. Have taught at least 2 years or 4 courses at UST at the time of application (not counting the current academic year).

Additional Eligibility Criteria:

  • The definition of “course” includes teaching or supervision activity that counts as at least 1 credit. Adjunct faculty teaching lab sections in the sciences are also eligible. 
  • Applicants can receive only one award during the current academic year.
  • Proposed travel must be completed by June 30 of the funding year.
  • All recipients must submit a final report to the Faculty Development Center.

Application Deadline: Applications involving travel should be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to travel, but teaching related grant applications will be accepted at any time.  Approval of these requests depends on availability of funds each year, and funding is limited. 

Final Report Deadline: A Final Report is due within three months of the date indicated for completion of the project/travel.

Booking Travel: All St. Thomas faculty must book university travel through our vendor Acendas. You can find information on booking travel and travel policies at the Purchasing Department website: Once you are awarded a grant, the Faculty Development office will provide information about gaining access to your funds and answer any questions about booking travel.

Application Process: Applicants can apply for either a travel grant (using Appendix A) or a Teaching Enhancement grant (using Appendix B). All applicants must provide the information requested on application forms providedApplicants: you are responsible for forwarding your application and chair/dean recommendation form to your department chair for approval (see application steps below).  Please submit electronically to the Faculty Development Center (, following the steps below:

Application Steps:

  1. Complete page 2 of the application document with applicant information.
  2. Complete either Appendix A or Appendix B.
  3. Send a copy of your grant application (Page 2 information and Appendix A or B) to your chair or dean along with the chair/dean recommendation form. Applicants must fill out the top portion of the chair/dean recommendation form and send it to the chair (or dean in areas with no chair) for completion and submission to the Faculty Development Center.
  4. Submit your grant application (Page 2 information and Appendix A or B) to the Faculty Development Center ( 

Questions? Contact Dr. Mary Reichardt, Faculty Development grants director (