External Grant Support

Sponsored Programs Office

The Sponsored Programs Office assists faculty with the preparation and submission of proposals for project funding from state and federal government funding agencies. It is the office delegated to provide institutional endorsement for proposals to external funding agencies. The Office can help faculty find funding from government sources, access and manage submissions, understand agency guidelines, prepare budgets, navigate the internal approval process, and more. The Sponsored Programs Office website has a FAQ page that will help faculty get started. For further information, contact Dr. Michael Warnock, director of Sponsored Programs, at warn8315@stthomas.edu or (651) 962-6038.

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Besides providing scholarships, many corporations and foundations contribute to the St. Thomas community by supportng faculty and student research initiatives. The Corporate and Foundation Relations Office can help faculty identify funding opportunities from private (non-government) sources, draft and submit proposals, prepare budgets, and more. For further information, contact interim director Lori Williamson at lwilliamson@stthomas.edu or (651) 962-6949.