Working with Adult Graduate Students (Feb. 13 & Mar. 7)

Graduate students are typically adults with relevant experience and expertise to share. How can we teach these students in ways that recognize their adult-ness, and that do not demean or patronize, whilst still retaining our pedagogic authority? What does it mean to treat students as adults and to create truly adult learning environments?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


Minneapolis Campus, TMH 255


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‎‎Two new workshops facilitated by Dr. Stephen Brookfield will explore these questions and in each workshop participants will learn how to apply three activities in their classrooms.  The workshops can be taken as a pair, or each can be taken as a stand alone workshop. Both workshops will be held on the Minneapolis campus from 3:30 - 5:00.

Creating Adult Classrooms (Feb. 13)

In this workshop Stephen Brookfield will consider what it means to create an adult classroom, and the ways in which graduate students are adult learners.  Fundamental to creating such classrooms is the ability to recognize and build on the experience and expertise adult graduate students bring to bear on their studies. The workshop will explore techniques you can use to create learning environments that encourage adult students to share relevant experiences.  Participants will leave able to apply 3 activities in their classrooms – the circle of voices, chalk talk, and the critical incident questionnaire.

Running Participatory Discussions (March 7)

Graduate courses frequently use discussion approaches to encourage adult students to share relevant personal and professional experiences. But such discussions can easily go awry with low levels of participation, a small percentage of students monopolizing the discussion, or too much time spent on tangential issues.  This workshop will explore how to make discussions inclusive and focused.  Participants will leave able to apply three activities in their classrooms – Circular Response, Newsprint Dialogue, and the Appreciative Pause.

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Dr. Stephen Brookfield