Incorporating Active Learning by Flipping the Classroom

Dr. Jason Rhode will lead this interactive workshop focusing on engaging with other participants (not the technology) so that faculty can work collaboratively to develop a plan for flipping at least one lesson in a course. The workshop is open to all full-time and part-time faculty.


Monday, July 21, 2014
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Room 205 in the Murray Herrick Center on the St. Paul Campus


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One common approach to teaching is to deliver content in class and then require students to complete homework assignments, papers, projects, etc., on their own outside the class. But what if that were not the case? What if class time could be used for problem solving, discussion, experimentation, and other active learning activities that engage students more? One method for accomplishing this is "Flipping the Classroom" in which in-class lectures are replaced with videos, tutorials, or simulations that students view, interact with, and complete on their own before coming to class. Then during class time, students are actively engaged with each other in solving problems, discussing, applying theory, collaborating in teams, innovating, etc. It is possible to flip an entire course or just a single lesson, so flipping the classroom can be a small project or a full transformation depending on course or curricular needs.

In this workshop you will experience the flipped classroom as we explore together how it can impact student learning and how faculty can implement it to transform their courses. Modeling a flipped approach, you will receive access to information and resources to begin your exploration of flipped classroom possibilities prior to attending the workshop. This interactive workshop will focus on engaging with other participants (not the technology) so that faculty can work collaboratively to develop a plan for flipping at least one lesson in a course. 

We are excited that Dr. Jason Rhode, Director of the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center at Northern Illinois University, will return to St. Thomas to facilitate this workshop.  Dr. Rhode oversees all faculty professional development and guides various aspects of online learning at NIU.

With nearly 15 years of experience in the field of online learning and having served as an online instructor, instructional designer, course developer, and program director, Jason is responsible for developing and offering training programs and support for NIU's 1,200 faculty and staff on teaching with technology and related topics, in addition to providing leadership on technology-related issues.

Jason has designed and taught dozens of online and blended courses in numerous learning management systems, including Blackboard, WebCT, Desire2Learn, and Moodle and he shares his expertise with others interested in teaching online.  He currently designs and teaches online and blended courses in educational technology and instructional design and is a sought-after conference speaker, instructor, and online learning consultant.

Dr. Jason Rhode, Northern Illinois University

Dr. Jason Rhode