Essentials of Teaching for Critical Thinking

Helping students to think critically is at the heart of the mission of St. Thomas. In this series of three workshops Distinguished University Professor Stephen Brookfield will draw on his new book - TEACHING FOR CRITICAL THINKING - to explore what critical thinking comprises and how it can be developed.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


Anderson Student Center, room 238 (St. Paul)


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Each workshop can be taken as a standalone session, or the three can be taken as an integrated sequence. Seating in each workshop is limited; registration is required.

September 12: Essentials of Teaching for Critical Thinking

This session reviews the different intellectual traditions informing how critical thinking is understood and considers how we recognize that students are thinking critically.  It argues that what unites different conceptions of critical thought is the focus on recognizing, and scrutinizing, the assumptions that inform our thoughts and actions.  The teaching approaches that students say are most helpful to their learning to think critically are reviewed and some preliminary techniques and exercises are introduced.

October 3: Creating Critical Classrooms

This session reviews how critical thinking can be integrated into both discussion-based, and lecture-based, classrooms.  It introduces some specific dialogic activities to help students broaden their perspectives and also demonstrates how critical thinking can be encouraged and modeled in lectures.

November 7: Writing Critically

Most assessments of critical thinking occur through the medium of student writing.  This session explores how students can be taught to understand what it means to do a critical analysis of literature and how course reading can be integrated into classroom processes.

Resources for Critical Thinking series

‎Presentations and handouts from the series can be found on the Blackboard community site "Faculty Development Learning Communities". To participate in discussions and share scenarios enroll in the site by logging into Blackboard and clicking on the Community tab and searching for the community called Faculty Development Learning Communities and clicking the Enroll button.



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Dr. Stephen Brookfield, Distinguished University Professor