Classroom Consulting Services & Faculty Development Fellows

Classroom Consulting is a confidential service of the Center for those who would like to talk with a consultant one-on-one about their teaching. Faculty can determine the goal and nature of the process from a variety of services. Classroom Consulting is useful for faculty who are trying something new in their classes, puzzled by a classroom dynamic, or interested in talking over a new teaching technique.

Some of the services we offer are:

Teaching Tune-Up: Are you feeling the need to rejuvenate a course or just get some feedback? A consultant will meet with you to review your syllabus, discuss assignments, or conduct a classroom observation. We can all benefit from having fresh eyes look over our teaching process.

In-depth consultation: Perhaps you’re teaching a new course or revising an old one, and things are not going so well. Or you’re facing some difficult classroom dynamics. A classroom consultant will provide an observation and feedback to help you get back on track.

Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID): A Small Group Instructional Diagnosis takes about an hour and involves a trained consultant visiting your class to observe and then collecting feedback from students. It's a great way to gather feedback at mid-semester, using an impartial facilitator. You introduce the consultant to your class, leave the room, and the consultant gathers feedback in a structured manner, communicating the results to you privately. An SGID may or may not be part of an in-depth consultation.

How to request a consultation: Consultation services are free, confidential, and intended to assist faculty who want to improve their teaching skills. To request consultation, email the Director of Faculty Development, Ann Johnson (

Faculty Development Fellows   

Faculty Development Fellows are recognized senior faculty members who have undertaken training in classroom consultation.  Faculty Development Fellows are available for individualized and confidential consultation.