The Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee is a standing committee of the faculty, charged with furthering the professional growth and development of the faculty. The committee establishes overall policy for operation of the Faculty Development Program at the university; receives applications and makes decisions on Research Grants, Sabbatical Assistance Grants, and Teaching Enhancement Grants; receives Sabbatical Leave and University Scholars Grant applications and makes recommendations regarding awarding of such grants to the chief academic officer; and approves requests for Distinguished Visitor grants, Partnerships-In-Learning, and Faculty Partnerships. The Committee also acts as the permanent nominating committee for the director of Faculty Development, who is appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Voting Members

to 5/31/15

  • David Deeds, Entrepreneurship (OCB) | (2-4407) - Mail SCH 435
  • Luz Saavedra, Chair 2014-2015, Economics (CAS Division 4) | (2-5683) - Mail # 4207

to 5/31/16

to 5/31/17

to 5/31/18

  • Kari Fletcher, Social Work (CELC/SSW) | (2-5807) - Mail SCB 201
  • Tim Pawl,  Philosophy (CAS Division 2) | (2-5364) - Mail JRC 241

Ex Officio Members

  • Ann Johnson, Director, Center for Faculty Development
  • Richard Plumb, Executive Vice President and Provost
  • David Steele, Director, Grants and Research Office
  • Elizabeth Smith, Associate Director, Center for Faculty Development