About the Center

Mission Statement

The University of St. Thomas Center for Faculty Development supports the professional growth of faculty by providing responsive programming and grants to support faculty development in pedagogy, engagement of the profession, and service.

To further its mission, the Center:

  • Develops programming that is responsive to differences in knowledge, expertise, and professional goals
  • Aims to cultivate effective pedagogy and promote collaborative learning communities
  • Supports research and scholarship with a variety of grant programs
  • Welcomes and encourages diverse voices and perspectives that enrich the campus culture

Directors of the Center for Faculty Development

  • Rob Foy 1981-1987
  • Mel Gray 1987-1990
  • Tom Mason 1990-1995
  • Nancy Hartung 1995-2001
  • Rob Riley 2001-2007
  • Sue Chaplin 2007-2011
  • Ann Johnson 2011-present