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Marketing and Communications

Programs that Position You for Promotion

Business Communication

Business Communication and Personal Brand not only helps improve skills in presenting yourself, but also in defining the image you need to project based on individual goals. Self-awareness, skill building and understanding the context of business communication in the 21st century will provide you with the opportunity to better understand your role in communication processes at work immediately and help achieve your career goals long term.

  • Develop well-crafted communication from solid strategic messaging
  • Refine your writing skills and ability to communicate distinctively and creatively can help achieve that messaging more effectively
  • Expose yourself to useful tactics in communication strategy
  • Build a personal brand and create a personalized plan for effective communication and visibility in the workplace

Internet Marketing Essentials

Learn to maximize your presence on the internet with a variety of media and new internet marketing strategies. Through hands-on training using powerful yet practical tools, you will learn to drive traffic to your website, increase conversion rates, and strengthen your email campaigns.

Internet Marketing Essentials is a part of two comprehensive marketing certificate series. If you wish to build your marketing career and skills further after attending Internet Marketing Essentials, please visit the following programs:

Digital Marketing Certificate

Social Media Marketing Certificate

Mini Master of Marketing Management

Marketing jobs are highly coveted and competition is fierce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You can differentiate yourself by becoming the go-to marketer who continuously brings knowledge, fresh insights and proven strategies to your organization.

Mini Master of Marketing Management

If you cannot decide between the Digital Marketing Certificate and the Social Media Marketing Certificate, this Comparison chart should help you with your decision.

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