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Leadership and Management

Leadership Programs of Distinction

You know who they are: People who bring out the best in others, have new ideas, can influence people and organizations to change, and have a host of admirers. They’re leaders – and they can be found at all ages, experience levels and job titles.

UST Executive Education Programs

Programs that coach, mentor and develop aspiring managers and leaders

New - The Coach Approach to Management
Develop a more productive management style that promotes self-responsibility, commitment and collaboration. Adopting a coaching approach leads to more effective communication with team members, direct reports, colleagues, and even your boss. Learn to coach your employees to help them reach your expectations and their potential. 

UST Leadership and Management Program
Come for the learning; stay for the growth. At the University of St. Thomas, we educate, equip and empower you as a manager and leader to bring positive change to your organization. Through personal attention and the support of an impressive community of peers, industry leaders, expert faculty and alumni, this program helps you:

  • Gain comfort and confidence in your expanding management and leadership roles
  • Leverage your natural leadership talents
  • Increase your personal credibility with others
  • Build more trust, better relationships and stronger influence across your organization
  • Pursue a career path that makes a meaningful difference for you, for your company and for your community

UST Executive Conference on the Future of Health Care
Become a part of this unique annual summit of health care leaders. Join executives who are leading their organizations in deliberate, innovative ways that yield new visions for the future of the industry.

Physician Leadership

If you are a physician leader interested in making an even greater impact in your health care organization, we invite you to learn more about the Physician Leadership College.

Custom Leadership Programs

Customized training programs and consulting servicesCustom Programs are uniquely tailored to meet your organization’s strategic needs and objectives.

For more information about custom programs contact Jacque Anderson by email or at (651) 962-4624.

Registration, Payment and Cancellation Policies

How to Register:

To register online:

  • Select "Registration Information" from the navigation panel at the top right of any page in a program microsite. This takes you to the Registration page for that program
  • Click on either of the "Dates and Registration" buttons on the page
  • On the next page, select the session you wish to attend by clicking "Select & Continue"
  • Once you've filled out the registration page, you'll be directed to online payment
  • Register and pay online, OR
  • Register online and pay with a check or P.O. by mail

Payment Options for Your Education

We are flexible when working with individuals to ensure ease of payment in a variety of situations. The most common methods of payment are described below.

Employer Reimbursement 

If your company will pay for your continuing education, get approval from them for the specific program(s) you want to attend. You can register for the program and either pay for the program on your company card, with a PO request and check from your company, or pay with your own funds and file for reimbursement. Those are the most common methods of company payment, but be sure to talk to your supervisor or HR department to find out the specifics in your company.

Tax benefit:* If you receive educational benefits from your employer, you can exclude up to $5,250 each year from your taxes. Schooling that is job related does not count against the $5,250 cap. Educational assistance of less than this amount should not be included in your compensation statement received from your employer (IRS, p970/ch11).

Personal Investment 

In order to move ahead in your career you may need to invest in professional development. Think of this as an investment because it will open up new opportunities for you now and in the future.

Tax benefit:* The IRS offers a Lifetime learning credit which covers continuing education courses taken by employees for a 20% credit on up to $10,000 of tuition in one year [Subject to certain limits.] (IRS, p970/ch03).

Workforce Development Centers

Layoffs and cut-backs in companies across the country can be disheartening. However, people can take advantage of government funded programs through Workforce Development Centers to enroll in professional development programs. Some job transitioners use this opportunity to refine their skills in a familiar area, while others choose to learn a new skill set that can make them more marketable to potential employers.

We have experience working with these centers and try to make the process as easy as possible for you. First, meet with a counselor in a workforce development center to determine what will be of the most benefit to you and your professional development and get their approval to take a program. Next, call us and let us know you are working with one of these centers. Your counselor will then send us their official authorization and payment directly.

* Examples provided here are for informational purposes only. The tax benefits mentioned here might not apply to your situation. The University of St Thomas does not provide legal, tax, accounting or other advice. Please consult with an appropriate professional to discuss how this applies to you.

Payment and Cancellation Policies

The full fee or approved purchase order is due at the time of registration. Registration cannot be processed if payment is not enclosed. Call (651) 962-4600 for information. Substitutions or transfers can be made up to the day of the program.

If you need to cancel, please call our office at least five working days before the beginning of the program to avoid a 10 percent processing fee.

Cancellations made after the program begins are subject to the full fee. Additional registration materials, maps to the location, etc. will be sent to you after we receive your registration.

Your privacy is important to us. View the University of St. Thomas Privacy Policy.

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