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General Business

Start Minding Your Business

At St. Thomas, we offer programs that help you build your business acumen...and position yourself for advancement.

Business Essentials

Mini MBA Program

Gain an overview of the essential topics typically covered in a University of St. Thomas MBA program and develop an array of general business skills you can use tomorrow in your organization. 

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Work more effectively with your departmental budgets and finance team by:

  • learning the terminology
  • understanding how financial statements are put together
  • interpreting and analyzing each statement
  • gaining insight into the budgeting process
  • calculating time value of money
  • addressing other areas pertinent to your own position and company. 


Business Analytics for Non-Analysts

This three-day program is designed to address the key elements of the business analytics process and help make your Monday smarter. You will cover:

  • What is the analytics process?
  • Creating the right visuals to tell the story of your data
  • Applying descriptive statistics and dashboards instruments
  • Practice solving common business problems using the skills learned throughout the program

Influential Communication

  • Communicate confidently when speaking on the spot
  • Build trust and influence decision making
  • Lead high level meetings 

Strategies for Effective Negotiation

  • Become more comfortable with conflict and difficult conversations
  • Understand the principles of the interest-based negotiation
  • Know your conflict management style
  • Be effective in negotiation, persuasion and influencing others

The Leadership and Management Program
Master the business modeling and analysis techniques that help you understand data and enhance your problem solving skills to make better business decisions.

The Coach Approach to Management
Develop a more productive management style that promotes self-responsibility, commitment and collaboration. Adopting a coaching approach leads to more effective communication with team members, direct reports, colleagues, and even your boss. Learn to coach your employees to help them reach your expectations and their potential. 

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