Executive Education

Executive Education

Leadership and Management

Leadership Programs of Distinction

You know who they are: those people who bring out the best in others; have new ideas, can influence people and organizations to change, and have a host of admirers. They’re leaders - and they can be found at all ages, experience levels and job titles.

The University of St. Thomas can enhance your capacity for leadership through challenging, relevant programs that help you:

  • Leverage your natural leadership talents
  • Gain fresh knowledge and insight related to leadership theory
  • Increase your ability to influence people and organizations
  • Improve your performance and results
  • Get noticed - and rewarded 

UST Executive Education Programs

New - UST Leadership and Management
Programs that Coach, Mentor, and Develop Aspiring Managers and Leaders

Come for the learning, stay for the growth. At the University of St. Thomas, we educate, equip, and empower you as a manager and leader to bring positive change to your organization. Through personal attention and the support of an impressive community of peers, industry leaders, expert faculty, and alumni, our programs help you:

  • Gain comfort and confidence in your expanding management and leadership roles
  • Leverage your natural leadership talents
  • Increase your personal credibility with others
  • Build more trust, better relationships, and stronger influence across your organization
  • Pursue a career path that makes a meaningful difference for you, for your company, and for your community

UST Executive Conference on the Future of Health Care
Become a part of this unique annual summit of health care leaders. Join executives who are leading their organizations in deliberate, innovative ways that yield new visions for the future of the industry.

Leadership Development

Physician Leadership

If you are a physician leader interested in making an even greater impact in your healthcare organization, we invite you to learn more about the Physician Leadership College.

Custom Leadership Programs

Innovation Leadership
Innovation Leadership focuses on a set of tools and frameworks for driving innovation within organizations. It engages talented minds in entrepreneurial, innovative thinking and allows participants to examine their business from a variety of new perspectives in order to establish a competitive edge and fuel new industries, markets, products, and services.

Top 5 Characteristics of Admired Leaders

  • Honest – 88%
  • Forward-looking – 71%
  • Competent – 66%
  • Inspiring 65%
  • Intelligent – 47%
Source: The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner. 2002

Forging Strategies in a New Reality

The UST Executive Conference on the Future of Health Care is your opportunity to engage in dynamic discussion with other health care leaders on what to do in your organization today to drive change tomorrow.

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