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Executive Education

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Are You Out Standing in the Field?

Communications professionals appreciate clear copy that gets to the point. So here’s our key message: The University of St. Thomas will increase your effectiveness as a business communicator.

If you want to be outstanding in the field, take advantage of our challenging, relevant programs designed to help you:

  • Lead positive changes in your communications function
  • Better connect with and persuade target audiences
  • Fully leverage the marketing mix
  • Improve business performance and results
  • Get noticed and rewarded

Communication Offerings

Mini Master of Business Communication

Social Media Marketing Certificate

Internet Marketing Essentials
Learn to maximize your presence through hands-on experience using the most practical tools. In this program you will learn to optimize search traffic to your website, increase conversion rates, and developing stronger email campaigns.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Seize the opportunity to enhance your digital and e-marketing program by introducing you to the most popular social media channels that you can use today.  Any application of digital or social media into your marketing and communications mix begins with having a clear strategy and policy.  

Advanced Social Media Marketing
Learn about establishing and maintaining a deeper relationship with your customers through social media, success measures including their monitoring and measurement, and the management of multiple social media channels in a team environment.

Social media?s effect on communication

Most everyone can agree that social media is currently playing a major role in many company’s communication strategies. What trends can we expect in the next few years from social media, and how might it affect the business world? In an article on HarvardBusinessReview.com, consumers and companies alike are told to “watch for a more social approach to solving business problems through a sort of micro-economy.”

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Do your headlines have Emotional Marketing Value (EMV)?

Check out this free Headline Analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute.

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