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Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

Lead process improvement using six sigma concepts

Companies are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient and improve their bottom line. Six Sigma techniques are proven strategies to make noticeable differences in all types of processes – not only reducing defects in manufacturing, but helping you better serve your customers.

Professionals with Green Belt certification lead six sigma improvement projects part time at their companies. Showing proficiency and aptitude for six sigma principles as a Green Belt generally results in promotion to a position with even greater reponsibility and Black Belt certification.

Six Sigma Green Belt certification:
  • Teaches you how to apply six sigma concepts to service-related transactions
  • Enables you to reduce defects in various processes
  • Empowers you to increase customer satisfaction through improved service or product reliability and ultimately results in revenue increases

You don’t need to manufacture millions of widgets per day to benefit from six sigma. These princples can make a big difference in any organization, resulting in happier customers and management staff.

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