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Online Mini MBA Program

Top business training and leadership practices

Helping professionals gain a solid foundation in business, stay up to date and advance their careers is our business. As a way to accommodate the increasingly busy lifestyles of today's professionals, we've developed the Online Mini MBA Program. Featuring the same high-quality instruction as our Mini MBA Program, it includes case studies, business articles, lectures and exercises, all of which can be accessed from anywhere you choose at a time that works for you.

This program covers the fundamentals of business, giving you a solid foundation in everything from finance to marketing to operations. It features an advanced Z-Class Business Simulation, giving you the opportunity to make real-life business decisions and then analyze the effects these decisions have on a company.

This program quickly increases your value and potential in the workplace, resulting in highly-desirable experience and skills in:

  • Business acumen
  • Critical thinking and strategic analysis
  • Leadership practices
  • Integrity and sound ethical values

“People … are increasingly looking for fast and inexpensive ways to bolster their credentials and brush up on their business skills. Many are turning to quick-hit business education programs, commonly referred to as "mini-MBA" programs….designed for middle managers who often don't have a business background or MBA, but want to get a better grasp on business essentials to help them progress in their careers.” (The Mini MBA's Big Appeal, BusinessWeek, August 17, 2009)

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