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Mini Master of the Lean Enterprise

Outpace the competition with proven operations techniques

Global competition has dramatically increased the pace of business and organizations understand the importance of each step that goes into delivering products or services to the market. The emphasis is shifting towards understanding and creating the value that customers want, all the while removing defects and reducing waste. That is what running a Lean company is all about.  

The University of St. Thomas’ Mini Master of the Lean Enterprise program focuses on gaining in-depth knowledge and problem-solving skills needed by professionals developing or managing a Lean organization such as:  

  • Learning the importance of incorporating all five principals for Lean enterprise 

  • Discovering how value stream mapping can help identify waste in critical processes to improve productivity, delivery and costs 

  • Translating the Lean management tools and concepts into an action plan in support of your organization’s strategic objectives 

  • Understanding basic change management principles and tools to develop a Lean culture 

 Click here if you want to learn the ins and outs of running a Lean enterprise.


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