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Mini Master of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain training for operations professionals

As global operations become more complex, companies are focusing on hiring and developing experts in supply chain management in order to meet customers’ expectations of high-quality, low-cost products in shorter lead times.

The Mini Master of Supply Chain Management will help you develop strategies in supplier management systems by studying best practices in manufacturing, transportation and pricing decisions. Each session focuses on manufacturing organizations and covers various aspects of an effective supplier management system.

You’ll gain firsthand experience through a simulation tool that provides a “real world” simulated environment, and case scenarios that allow you to apply the theories and concepts taught by the faculty.

After this program, you will be able to:
  • Identify cost-cutting opportunities and negotiate volume or bulk discounts and other cost saving measures with vendors
  • Bridge the gap between your company and its vendors through greater collaboration
  • Improve cycle times and ensure that raw materials are provided when you need them
  • Effectively plan warehouses and transportation channels to achieve on-time delivery
  • Avoid unnecessary purchases, eliminate over-runs and prevent excess finished goods
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