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Mini MBA Program

Top business training and leadership practices

Professionals who take the time to stay current and competitive in their careers are more likely to be successful and catch the attention of company leaders. Whether you wish to stay current and competitive in the marketplace, change your career or need a refresher course in the fundamentals of business, you can do it in the University of St. Thomas' Mini MBA Program.

This program quickly increases your value and potential in the workplace, resulting in highly-desirable experience and skills in:

  • Business acumen
  • Critical thinking and strategic analysis
  • Leadership practices
  • Integrity and sound ethical values

The challenging yet condensed curriculum includes case studies, lectures, leadership practices and Z-Class Business Simulation, an exercise that allows you to make real-life business decisions and analyze the effects those decisions have on a company. Small classes foster a collaborative learning environment with a tight-knit network of industry peers who will remain an outstanding resource long after completion of the program.

Also Available Online

The Mini MBA Program is also offered in an online format. For more information visit the Online Mini MBA Program website.

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