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Microsoft® Project for Program and Project Managers

Leverage the power of technology with Microsoft® Project training

Microsoft® Project has transformed the way project managers streamline their processes. Easily analyze resources, budgets and timelines and make more informed, strategic decisions that move your projects forward. The Microsoft® Project for Program and Project Managers program shows you how to capitalize on the technology and make your projects as successful as possible.  

This program covers the features of the application that tackle common project management hurdles such as:  

  • Knowing what to focus attention on and what to set aside in order to move the project forward 

  • Managing the workflow of disparate teams successfully 

  • Delivering effective visual presentations that give immediate insight into the health and status of your projects 

  • Anticipating any challenges that may arise and proactively plan for them 

Invest in your career and mainstream your project management process by clicking here to enroll. 

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