Digital Marketing Certificate

Succeed in Today's Marketing World with Learning the Tools and Trends in Digital Advertising and Marketing Data Analysis

Online advertising platforms continue to be significant drivers of the marketing industry, and offer substantial professional opportunities for those equipped with the digital advertising tools they need to participate in all aspects of decision making and planning. Global digital ad spending is increasing rapidly as marketers shift more resources to online advertising platforms and work to keep up with the proliferation of new media channels. This dynamic Digital Marketing Certificate Series is designed to give you the digital advertising tools, experience and savvy to succeed in this exciting, evolving field.

The program is comprised of three components:

Internet Marketing Essentials

Learn to maximize your presence through hands-on experience using the most practical tools. In this program you will learn to optimize search traffic to your website, increase conversion rates, and developing stronger email campaigns.

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Digital Advertising Solutions

Digital Advertising Solutions is designed to introduce you to the various strategies that are used to advertise businesses online. We’ll start by exploring the myriad online approaches to acquiring new customers, and increasing brand and product awareness and generating revenue through the internet.

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Marketing Data Analysis: Design, Dissect, Decide

With the advances in digital marketing and an incredible ability to measure the effects of our marketing activities, there has never been a better time to be advertising products and services online.

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