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Digital Advertising Solutions

Learn digital marketing strategies to create successful marketing campaigns

Digital Advertising Solutions is an introduction to the various ways to promote businesses online. We begin with an exploration of online advertising and the methods used to acquire new customers, increase brand awareness and generate revenue through the Internet. Then, we'll examine online advertising strategies, analyze why paid search engine marketing and organic search engine marketing are so effective for marketers, and develop a thorough understanding of all types of online advertising. 

Digital Advertising Solutions consists of four five-hour modules, some of which will be delivered synchronously.

Digital Advertising Strategy

Just how big is digital advertising? How fast is the industry growing and where is this growth? This class provides background context of the online advertising environment and a strategic understanding of how you can use digital advertising to drive business results.

Online Advertising and Organic Search

There are many forms of online advertising, but which ones are most effective? Learn which kinds of advertising are appropriate for different business types and get a better understanding of how Google ranks web pages (search engine optimization). 

Paid Media Strategy

Learn how Google AdWords works for search advertising and gain a better understanding of display advertising and remarketing campaigns.

Digital Advertising Planning

Video, social media, email, mobile and affiliate marketing are all important aspects of digital marketing. Learn how they work and how you might implement them in your business marketing strategy.  

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