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Charter School Board Training

Gain confidence, focus and insight

Minnesota state law requires that “Every charter school board member successfully complete department-approved training on board governance, the board's role and responsibilities, employment policies and practices, and financial management.” – Minnesota Statutes section 124D.10, subd.(f)

The Minnesota Department of Education requires those serving on the board of a charter school to fulfill certain education and training requirements in the areas of board governance, financial oversight, and employment matters.  

Participants in the University of St. Thomas’ Charter School Board Training program come away with a lot more than the bare requirements. They leave with a renewed sense of confidence in their leadership skills and surety in their abilities to fulfill all board member obligations. 

 Board members face many challenges including:  

  • Resolving conflicts of interest 

  • Adhering to all regulations for Board meetings, including open meeting law requirements 

  • Reviewing and establishing contracts and employment policies and practices 

  • Obeying all current employment laws 

  • Ensuring proper budgeting, expending, and accounting of public funds 

  • Following proper auditing processes and procedures 

Click here to get started on Minnesota’s department-approved training for charter school board members.  

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