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Certified Management Accountant Review Courses

Prepare to take the CMA exam and earn the credential you need to succeed

Standing out in a competitive field such as management accounting requires superior knowledge as well as dedication to excellence. A certified management accountant is sought after and valued by employers for critical thinking skills and in-depth expertise.

Our CMA Review Courses are led by certified instructors. You will connect weekly with classmates and instructors as you focus on the specific knowledge and skills you'll need to pass the CMA exam and distinguish yourself in management accounting.

“I chose to complete the CMA Review Courses at the University of St. Thomas not only to further my knowledge of managerial accounting but also as a way to distinguish myself from other job candidates. The instructors did an excellent job explaining how to best prepare for the exams but also made it clear how the concepts were applicable to our jobs through real world examples. The Courses prepared me well for the exams, allowing me to pass each one on the first try. As I continue in my career, having the CMA certification will not only help me stand out amongst the competition, but will also allow me to waive two courses as I enter into St. Thomas’ Evening MBA Program.”

Kevin Miser
Financial Analyst, Ecolab, Inc.

The CMA Review Courses have recently been redesigned to correspond with the new two-part CMA exams. For more information on the requirements to sit for the exam, visit the IMA website at

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