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Business Analytics Using Microsoft® Excel 2013

Effective data analysis leads to better decisions

Microsoft Excel® 2013 is more than just a spreadsheet program. It’s a robust data management application that, when used to its full potential, can maximize productivity, streamline efficiency and drive results that positively affect an organization’s bottom line. 

 The University of St. Thomas’ Business Analytics Using MS Excel 2013 training program teaches participants to get the most out of this must-have data analysis tool including how to:  

  • Utilize it for problem solving methods such as breakeven analysis and financial modeling  

  • Integrate it with existing company databases for better data management capabilities 

  • Perform basic statistical analysis operations to determine if trends exist so more informed business decisions can be made 

  • Generate various charts and graphs to aid in the graphical representation of data 

  • Take advantage of the logic, reference and mathematical advanced functions to streamline your work processes  

Click here to take your MS Excel skills to new heights. 

Businesses generate a constant stream of data that doesn't mean anything if it's not organized and analyzed in meaningful ways. Business Analytics Using Microsoft® Excel 2013 at the University of St. Thomas introduces you to Excel 2013, a powerful data analysis tool that will help you not just collect data but use it to drive effective, impactful business decisions.

Become a major asset to your organization and register today.

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