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Business Analytics Part II: Advanced Microsoft® Excel Techniques

Learn the value of optimization with advanced Excel® tools

Business professionals from any industry benefit from Microsoft® Excel training for data management and analysis purposes. Many use mainly the basic, everyday functions that Excel offers but sometimes more advanced skills in Excel are required.  

The University of St. Thomas’ Business Analytics Part II: Advanced Microsoft Excel Techniques program takes you on deeper dive into data analysis. It covers the more robust MS Excel capabilities so you can do things like:  

  • Develop appropriate models based on forecasts of relevant variables 

  • Understand sensitivity factors to make more informed decisions 

  • Assess data and simulate risk using business models 

  • Organize data into well-structured forecasting systems 

  • Use tornado graphs and impact models to determine variables that can optimize system results 

  • Utilize the @RISK program to build useful models to take the guesswork out of  analyzing risk in systems 

Click here to learn the more sophisticated analysis tools MS Excel has to offer.

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