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Advanced Social Media Marketing

Take your social media marketing strategies to the next level

The Advanced Social Media Marketing program helps organizations currently using social media to further clarify which platforms work best for them and how to balance various strategies and objectives. The six modules in this course focus on perfecting existing social media implementations, establishing and maintaining a deeper relationship with customers, monitoring and evaluation, and the management of multiple social media channels in a team environment.

This program is delivered by instructor Lyle Wetsch synchronously through a high-definition video and audio connection with an additional expert facilitator on-site.

The Advanced Social Media Marketing program consists of six modules:

Metrics & Measurement Strategy

Simpy executing a digital and social media strategy is not enough -  it's important to understand if it's working effectively and reaching the right people. With over 100 ways to measure social media effectiveness, metrics need to be consistent with strategy. This module focuses on what should be measured and why.

Metrics and Measurement Tools

Metrics and measurement are only effective if they are easy: easy to obtain, report and understand. In this module, we'll consider a wide variety of tools that allow not only the tracking of metrics but also assist in evaluating and understanding their implications. You'll learn how to obtain data, generate reports and act on the findings.

Social Communication and Engagement

The most important word in "social media" is social. In order to effectively use digital and social media, there must be two-way communication instead of simply pushing messages out at your audience. This module provides tools and techniques to effectively engage your target audience and ensure that you're talking with them instead of at them.

Social Media Analytics

In addition to analytical tools within social media channels themselves, there are powerful aggregation tools such as Simply Measured and HootSuite that allow you to look across social media channels and compare results with key competitors within industries. This module explains how these tools work and how to use them to ensure that social media goals are achieved.

Social Listening Tools

Many conversations that are pertinent to your organization and brand don't happen on social media channels. In order to monitor for these conversations, organizations need to be using the correct social listening tools. This module introduces the appropriate tools for monitoring conversations about your business and your competitors, giving you access to better market intelligence.

Acting on the Analysis

Measuring and reporting on benchmarks is a first step for organizations on social media that needs to be followed up with ways to constantly improve. This module gives you the information you need to develop an effective audit plan and put mechanisms in place in order to make the necessary adjustments in your digital and social media plans.

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