Cretin-Derham Hall Homecoming

October 2nd

Cretin-Derham Hall will host their annual homecoming picnic on the John P. Monahan Plaza. The picnic will include a performance by the Cretin-Derham Hall band and dance team. The picnic will continue until the CDH homecoming football game begins on the St. Thomas stadium field.

Inuit Art Society

October 9th

The Inuit Art Society provides a platform for those who appreciate and support the culture, art forms and artists of the Arctic. This group will be holding their event in the James B. Woulfe Alumni Hall.

The Metropolitan Council

October 19th

The Metropolitan Council is the regional policy-making body, planning agency, and provider of essential services for the Twin Cities metropolitan region. This council holds various committee meetings for different groups and will host one of their meetings in the James B. Woulfe Alumni Hall.

Minnesota Lions Eye Bank

October 25th

The Minnesota Lions Eye Bank serves the community by providing donor eye tissue for transplant, research, and teaching and by promoting donation through education. As one of the largest and most innovative eye banks in the world, the Minnesota Lions Eye Bank has helped restore sight to more than 27,000 people, and the organization reaches important milestones in eyesight restoration every year. This group will host their Fall Donor and Family Recognition Program at the University of St. Thomas.