The University of St. Thomas

Student Scholarships


Students earning a degree in environmental science will have the opportunity to pursue student-faculty collaborative research on environmental topics. Research will be conducted in courses and, for qualifying individuals, as independent research projects outside the classroom.

Examples of student/faculty collaborative research projects

  • Geological controls on elevated radon levels in a Twin Cities community:  ancient faults, groundwater, and public health (Hickson)
  • Chemical and biological records of changes in lake ecology over millennial timescales, Prairie Potholes region, Minnesota (Theissen)
  • Synthesis of biodegradable polymers (Ippoliti)
  • Chemotaxis of Pseudomonads to aromatic hydrocarbons and other environmental contaminants (Ditty)
  • Environmental analysis using chromatography and mass spectrometry, fate and transport of pollutants, identification of pollutant degradation products. (Borgerding)
  • Chemical and microbiological processes that affect organic pollutants (Wammer)
  • Photodegradation of pharmaceutical compounds in natural waters (Wammer)
  • Carbon Cycling in Minnesota’s Wetlands: An Important Sink with Management Implications (Zimmer)
  • Landscape Configuration and Prairie Wetland Characteristics: Functional Linkages, Fish Communities, and Ecosystem Features (Zimmer)
  • Lake Christina Reclamation: Ecosystem Consequences of Biomanipulation (Zimmer)
  • Ecology and evolution of reproductive and life-history strategies in flowering plants (Emms)
  • Plant acclimation to stressful environments; photosynthetic processes at low temperatures (Verhoeven)