The University of St. Thomas

Application instructions for the ESCI/Pepsi sustainability scholarship

The Environmental Science Governance Committee is pleased to announce the annual University of St. Thomas Environmental Science Pepsi Scholarship.  The Committee will be awarding scholarships totaling $5000.  A student must have completed three or more core courses in the major by the end of the current semester to be eligible for an award.  Students must also have submitted their Concentration Area proposal to the Committee by March 31, 2011.  Students who have received a scholarship in the past ARE eligible for this year’s award.

UST Environmental Science Pepsi Scholarship
Application Form

For students majoring in Environmental Science who have had an outstanding record of academic achievement and involvement in environmental activities.

Name:___________________    Student ID:_____________________

UST Overall GPA:__________    UST ESCI GPA:______________

Graduation Semester (Spring/Fall): __________   Year:__________

Please include:
a)  750 word essay summarizing your reason(s) for choosing an Environmental Science major, your coursework, relevant internships, research and/or presentations, and representative extra-curricular involvement (e.g., tutoring, clubs, committees, societies, volunteering). Also, you may include your current post-graduation educational/career plan.

b) Unofficial academic transcript

c) Faculty reference (name and e-mail only) who will attest to your qualifications.

d) Copy of your current resume

Applications will be judged on academic quality, involvement, leadership, and financial need.

Applications are due via e-mail to Tom Hickson, Director of Environmental Science
by 5:00pm March 15, 2013

Pepsi Sustainability Scholarship details

The purpose of this award is to provide financial assistance for full-time sophomore, junior, and/or senior undergraduate students enrolled at the University of St. Thomas that have demonstrated a clear passion for the study and improvement of natural resource utilization (wording is from the funding agency).

This scholarship should be awarded based on the following criteria:
•    Sophomore through senior level standing at the time the scholarship is awarded.
•    Clear evidence that demonstrates strong academic motivation and performance.
•    Demonstrated passion for the study and improvement of natural resource use.  This passion might be demonstrated by their choice of a major or minor in environmentally-related fields, and/or by making a clear and cogent argument that their chosen major, combined with other activities, places them on such a path.
•    Dedication and enthusiasm that positively affect fellow students.
•    Academic performance and potential for achievement.
•    Among students who are equally well qualified according to the award criteria, selection may, in part, be based on financial need.

Term of the award: 
The term of the award shall be for one year and is renewable, provided that the criteria for renewing the award are met by the recipient and that funds remain available.

Management of the award: 

Applications and/or student selection will be managed by the directors of Environmental Science and Environmental Studies.  The directors, at their discretion, may divide  the award between multiple applicants.

Amount of the award:  $5000