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Photo of program director Tom HicksonA message from the director

Welcome to the website for the Environmental Science program at UST! 

It is with great excitement that I write this.  The Environmental Science Interdisciplinary Program (ESCI) is thriving at UST!   We have a committed, dedicated group of science, engineering, and social science faculty that have come together to create a unique and important program for students.  It is our goal to provide majors in the program with real-world skills that will form the foundation for careers in environmental science, policy, law, and a whole host of other fields with an environmental 'flavor.' 

Environmental science has been going on at UST for many years now, with biology, geology, and chemistry faculty working together to solve problems that impact aquatic, atmospheric, and sub-surface ecosystems.  However, the ESCI program provides a home for students that might not flourish in a narrow, focused science discipline and that want, instead, to tackle scientific problems from a broader-based perspective.

I am confident that this program serves students well and that the faculty that support it--through their excellent teaching, caring advising, and relevant research--will allow us to educate students that completely fulfill the mission of the university.


Thomas Hickson, Ph.D.

Learn about the program from a current ESCI student Learn about our program from a current ESCI student Learn about our program from a current ESCI student Research Interests:  Environmental biogeochemistry, fate and transport of contaminants in the environment, medical geology

Research advisor:  Dr. Kevin Theissen

Project:  Prior and Spring Lake geochemistry

Research project: Evaluating the effect of ethanol as a co-contaminant on BTEX biodegradation at an aquifer- wetland interface

Research advisor: Dr. Jennifer McGuire

Research Interests: Aquatic ecology Research Interests: Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Development... Research Interests: Environmental Chemistry, Organic Pollutants... Research Interests: Microbiology, Circadian Rhythms Research Interests: Sedimentology, Geoscience Education, ... Research Interests: Plant Ecology, Conservation Biology... Research Interests: Paleoecology, oceanography, climate change, ...