Academic & Student Support Services

To reach any of the following offices, please call (651) 962-5000 and ask for the office you wish to contact.

Academic Counseling

Academic counselors assist students who have questions or concerns regarding course registration, academic progress, degree requirements, and overall academic concerns.

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center offers one-to-one tutoring on topics relating to student academic success. Assessment of reading and study skills also is available. Information on topics such as time management, learning styles, reading comprehension and study skills strategies, reading and notetaking skills, and test-taking tips and review is also available. Students may refer to the Academic Support Center’s website for an updated list of department tutors each semester.

Center for Writing

The Center for Writing provides one-on-one conferences for writing assignments in any class at any stage of the writing process.

Mathematics Resource Center (MaRC)

The MaRC offers tutoring for students in various mathematics courses. Other services include: placement testing, independent study and review programs, and general mathematics advising. Students are encouraged to drop in anytime during the posted hours.

Counseling and Career Services

Counseling and Career Services offers assistance with personal counseling, career counseling, internships, testing, and other services or resources to assist with life and career management.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services handles medical needs of students.

Public Safety and Parking Services

Public Safety and Parking Services provides the following services: law enforcement, crime prevention, vehicle services, building access, lost and found, emergency assistance, professional referrals, and parking information.

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive technology is available to students with disabilities. The technology is available in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center and the Keffer Library.

Kurzweil 1000: a reading system that converts printed material into speech; includes voice recognition

Kurzweil 3000: a reading system that includes visual and auditory presentation of printed materials, scans printed material that appears on the computer screen and then speaks the onscreen text

Jaws for Windows: converts printed material into speech for individuals with visual impairments

ZoomText: a low-vision text enhancer that increases the size of text on the computer screen

TextHelp!: converts printed material into speech; includes screen magnification, spell check, thesaurus, word prediction, automatic correction and more

Naturally Speaking: dictation software that allows you to speak to the computer; displays the dictation on the screen