Disability Resources Online Exam Registration Form

Students currently enrolled with Disability Resources that have been approved to use exam accommodations may complete the online exam registration form below. Students must also give their professor a copy of the Testing Accommodations Form.

Exam Procedures

  1. Students must submit their online exam registration form four business days before the exam/quiz date. A business day is defined as Monday through Friday, 8:00 - 4:30 pm.
  2. Students may request only those exam accommodations they have been approved to receive.
  3. The Disability Resources office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Students must start their exam at the same time on the same day that the class starts the exam, unless they have a late afternoon or evening class, or two consecutive classes. Students who wish to take exams at a different time than the class, must have professor approval. All exams must be completed by 4:30 pm.
  4. Students must complete their exam in one block of time.
  5. Students who arrive late to take their exam will have less time to complete the exam. For example, if a student arrives 15 minutes late to take their exam, he or she will have 15 fewer minutes to complete the exam.
  6. Students must contact Disability Resources if they are unable to take the exam or if they do not intend to us the exam accommodations. If students do not show up for an exam, and have not communicated with Disability Resources, the exam will be returned to the professor. If the professor agrees to provide a make up exam, the student must re-register for an exam time.
  7. Students must submit the Testing Accommodations Form ‎to their professor four business days before the exam/quiz date. A Testing Accommodations Form must be submitted to the professor for every exam/quiz.
  8. Students who do not register for an exam time, but arrive at the Disability Resources office to complete an exam will be sent back to the class to take the exam.
  9. Students must provide all requested information when completing the online exam registration form.
Student Information
Student Name:
Phone number: ex. xxx-xxx-xxxx
ID number:
Course Title:
Exam Date:
Exam Time:
Professor Name:
Professor E-Mail:
Professor Phone Number:
Accommodations Requested:
Extended Time
Alternate Space
Exam Reader
Exam Scribe
Enlarged Print
Microsoft Word
Internet (only if approved by professor)
Please list:
Other Accommodations (please specify):