Internship Opportunities

Working as an intern is a great way to put your English skills to the test and gain job experience before leaving UST with your B.A. degree. UST English majors have interned with a variety of companies in the Twin Cities area, including the following:

Although internships are usually paid or unpaid, the majority of internships that English majors receive tend to be unpaid and most positions are highly competitive. Some companies that offer internships require that the student receive credit for the internship; at St. Thomas, students may earn either two or four credits of experiential learning credit, depending on the number of hours worked (applicable tuition fees apply to these credits).  

Numerous other internship opportunities can be found on the UST Career Development Center website. The key to using the Career Development Center website is to think outside the box--there won't be a general category for English internships; rather, students should search for internships related to skills developed in English classes (communications, administrative support, and marketing, just to name a few possibilities).

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